Welcome to Coltis Universe, the video game that takes you to a whole new and exciting world. Since 2020, our goal has been to create an immersive gaming experience that combines the best of traditional games with blockchain technology and Web3. With exciting game modes such as Battle Royale and Farming, you can test your skills and earn rewards while you play. And best of all, you can also buy and sell NFTs and stake your rewards! If you’re passionate about video games and Web3 technology, look no further! Join our community of gamers and experience the thrill of exploring a constantly evolving universe. We’ll see you in Coltis Universe!

Coltis Universe

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It’s a super cool third-person multiplayer game where you get to control one of two Coltis characters. Play in different game modes and earn rewards like $Coltis or $LK tokens, trophies, and experience points to level up your character. The interactive maps provide a unique gaming experience, and you’ll have the chance to collect a variety of NFT items like appearances, skins, weapons, and backpacks to enhance your character and compete against other players. Join the Battle Royale mode in Coltis Universe and become the ultimate champion of the universe!

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Meet the Anu breed, whose origins can be traced back to the legendary dog Laika! These characters are friendly, intelligent, and extremely sensitive, just like their canine ancestor. With a positive attitude and vibrant colors that make them stand out, choosing this character and being part of his faction will make you belong to a clan that will always make you feel like a pack and family.


Coltis Art of the Universe NFTs are minted under the Binance Smart Chain ERC-721 standard.
The Art is divided between the two existing races in the Coltis universe. Are you a brave and cunning warrior like the Phisi? Or do you prefer the elegance and sophistication of the Anu? Up to you!
But wait, there is more. The rarity of your NFT will determine the benefits you will receive. Do you want to sweep the Battle Royale Mode? With a rare NFT, you will have amazing abilities! Or do you prefer to become a space miner and get resources in Farming mode? There are also special benefits for you!
Do not miss this unique opportunity to acquire an NFT Art and be part of the VIP community with the greatest benefits and early access to all releases.


Coltis DApp offers a wide range of options, you can perform multiple transactions such as edit and upgrade your account, claim your rewards, buy and sell NFTs, merge, unlock and transfer them. Also, you can check your inventory, apply for a scholarship or sponsor other players. You can also check your ranking and be aware of the available draws. You can also stake your tokens and NFT items. Do not miss the opportunity to take full advantage of all these options and improve your experience in the Coltis Universe!

Coltis Universe

The Dashboard gives you a summary of the project, where you can see whats new, the current distribution of the token and the balance of game tokens associated with your account.


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